1411 - Sandra Silvers & Fayth on Fire
4 photos; 10:52 video

April 18, 2014
Struggling Pantyhose Damsels Dragged Away!
"At least Sandra got away. She'll bring help!" Fayth things, as she sits on an overturned empty 5 gallon bucket in the abandoned house, wearing only a sweater and pantyhose. Gagged with tape all the way around her head,  she is strung up to the banister by her wrists and ankles.  She struggles desperately for escape, but she knows if she struggles too hard the bucket will tip and she'll dangle painfully in the air. Fayth's dreams are dashed when Sandra is dragged into the room bound at her chest, crotch, knees, ankles and hands. The captor throws Sandra to the floor by her friend and begins to gag her in a similar fashion.  But in stead of binding her like Fayth, he suspends Sandra by her feet from the second floor landing, her weight pulling on her ankles and resting on her shoulders.  She can struggle nowhere. He leaves the girls alone and leaves to prepare another room. He returns to retrieve Fayth and tear the sweater Sandra is wearing to reveal her big, beautiful boobs. ONce Fayth is removed, he come back, untethers Sandra and drags the struggling siren across the floor to her fate.


1410 - Lauren Kiley & Sandra Silvers
5:57 video

April 17, 2014
Lauren's Landlady, Sandra Takes The Rent In Forced Orgasms!
In her nighttime bra and panties Leggy Lauren is asleep with a smile on her face because she is having the most wonderful dream.  Snuggly hogtied in the middle of her bed with the dawn sunlight pouring through the window, she is awakened by her landlady, Sandra, whom Lauren had always had a girl-crush on. Sandra runs her hands over Lauren's fit body and bare feet then produces a Hitachi magic wand. Spreading Laurens knees wide to access her most sensitive areas, Sandra begins to pleasure her tenant. Over and over  Lauren calls of, "Oh, Sandra!" as the passionate torture continues... It was just a dream, wasn't it?


1409 - Ashley Sinclair
9:55 video

April 16, 2014
Super-sexy Ashley Sinclair indulges in a LOT of fun, erotic action at her personal site ClubSinful.com. She thought you might like a taste of her bondage action! She is wearing sexy tan pantyhose and bound with rope. Struggling to get free, you can hear her "mmmmpphhh mmmpphhh". She squirms and moves, trying to escape while you watch with delight. Her feet and hands are tied with rope. At the end of the clip it switches to her hand being tied above her head to the furniture as she struggles to get loose.  Be sure to go to her site to see much, much more of Ashley!


1408 - Sandra Silvers
14 photos; 11:53 video

April 11, 2014
Severe Arm & Elbow Bondage with Titanic Tied Tits
Sandra is kneeling on the floor of the warehouse. The rope around her crossed ankles keep her from getting to her feet. Other than twist at the waist, she can barely move anything but her fingers because her arms are welded together with rope.  He elbows meet behind her stretching her shoulders and  thrusting her big boobs out in front of her. And as if they weren't already at attention, an ultra-tight chest harness is coupled with brutal boob bondage.  A tether to the rack above keeps her on her knees, denying her any relief. She begins to cry out for release but her only reward is rope, much more rope - this time cleaving her mouth and teeth and immobilizing her jaw to effectively eliminate her ability to plead for relief.   As she struggles the ropes seem to get tighter.  Especially the rope running around her waist and over her pantyhosed crotch.  The cruel cord burrows deeper into her pussy with each twitch, punctuating her painful predicament with pleasure...


1407 - Sandra Silvers & Jackie Christianson
7 photos; 27:59 video

April 10, 2014
Lingerie Lesbian Love Bondage Orgasms
Sandra and Jackie thought they would never get some "alone" time together. They worked their busy schedules over and found a night they could get away without anyone knowing. They made their plan to meet up at a old motel way out on the interstate. Once in the door, they cant keep their hands off each other. Their lips meet and their dresses come off, revealing garters and stockings of moth MILFs, with Jackie in form-fitting vintage shapewear and Sandra in a thong and push-up corset.  The kissing continues onto the bed and the girls go into their purses to reveal what they brought for the evening. Rope. Strips of cloth. Vibrators.  They begin by tying each others ankles together. Their hands explore each other's curves before cleave gagging each other with the strips they brought. Then the delicate dance of tying theirs hands in front.  They playfully struggle and gag kiss, but it's time for the main course.  Up on their knees, they each take a hitachi wand.   They lean together and gag kiss as they place the wands in their eager crotches.  They twitch and buck and moan with pleasure as their bodies are overcome with passion. Using their teeth to remove each other's gags, they kiss achieve orgasm simultaneously then crumple to the bed in a quivering, giggling girl pile...

Like the lingerie Jackie is wearing? You can get it at GirdleBound.com!


1406 - Lorelei
6:48 video

April 9, 2014
Lorelei (bondage maven of the legendary BedroomBondage.com)  is dressed for work in her pink skirted suit and blazer with pink high heels, but she can't get anything done because someone's roped her quite securely to her office chair. Soon her clothes are disheveled so that we can see her stocking-tops and chemise... and then her bare breasts! Around the 4-minute point she manages to get her shoes off but there are no nearby knots to undo with her hose-clad toes so she's quite frustrated. By the end of the workday her chair is lying on the floor and she's still struggling. It looks like secretary Lorelei is going to have work overtime.  Go visit Lorelei's site and tell her Sandra sent ya!


1405 - Sandra Silvers & Samantha Grace
17 photos; 14:20 video

April 4, 2014
Escape Challenge for Two Busty Beauties!
Perched on the hearth, Sandra & Samantha were afraid to move. The burglar had bound them really tightly, paying particular attention to their big boobs. Here they sit, totally tied up, thoroughly gagged (with microfoam tape wrapped around their heads and mouths!) waiting for him to steal the last painting and leave.  He comes in to check the ropes and gags one last time and then he's off, leaving the girls to try to free themselves.  They struggle and writhe seriously and sexily until they realize that the only way out of this predicament is through co-operation! They wriggle to the floor and and then explore each other with bound hands to find the knots. Boobs bounce and beautiful bodies bend as they try to team up against their bonds. Will they be able to free themselves and call for help?


1404 - Sandra Silvers
8 photos; 11:15 video

April 3, 2014
Bound Secretary Tormented with Nipple Clamps!
With her pantyhosed legs, super-high heels and short-skirt and silk blouse, she was hard for her captor to resist.  So now, Semi-strappado-ed secretary Sandra is being held in a creepy abandoned building. She is tied to a post and the tight ropes have her bent over. The awkward position causes copious amounts of drool to fall from her ballgagged mouth. Her captor takes advantage of Sandra's predicament by unbuttoning her silk blouse, exposing her huge tits!  After a quick grope, her nipples are adorned with cruel clamps and a chain.  All she can do is struggle and drool while enduring her peril, because she's not going anywhere!


1403 - Carissa Montgomery
3:22 video

April 2, 2014
Courtesy of www.DGBondage.com, long-legged, big-boobed country-gal Carissa (in the skimpiest Daisy Dukes you've ever seen!) struggles to escape her tight ropes and cleave gag!


1402 - Sandra Silvers & Fayth on Fire
13 photos; 14:49 video

March 28, 2014
LadyBoss Severely Duct Taped and Sold!
Fayth worked in the warehouse and just got turned down for a raise. Stinging from the denial she plots to lure her boss, Sandra to the warehouse after hours where Fayth quickly KO's Sandra, and then starts to duct tape Sandra into total helplessness. She even tapes Sandra's fingers together to ensure her long fingernails cant cut through the tape! Now she just has to wait for the guy she has sold Sandra to to pull his truck up to the loading dock so she can deliver her product and get her money.  But while Fayth's waiting, she just cant keep herself from groping Sandra's big boobs!  Fayth tears open Sandra's blouse and  bra reveling Sandra's massive mammaries! All exposed for Fayth to feel up!


1401 - Gigi & Sandra Silvers
12:13 video

March 27, 2014
Milf Bondage Orgasms!
Pretty secretary, Gigi, was wondering why her buxom ladyboss, Sandra invited her over after work to discuss the promotion.  Gigi soon found out one of the perk about becoming an executive of the company! Bound and gagged in her business skirt and pantyhose, Gigi is gagged with a silk scarf.  Her boss comes in and removes the scarf but quickly stuffs it in Gigi's mouth and then seals her mouth shut with microfoam tape.This will keep Gigi quiet as Sandra uses a Hitiachi wand to make her new junior executive cum over and over again!


1400 - Jackie Christianson
8:12 video

March 26, 2014
Gorgeous Jackie, of www.JackieBound.com, struggles in a a tight hogtie and silky pajamas!


1399 - Sandra Silvers & Angella Faith
18 photos; 19:28 video

March 21, 2014
Oral Sex & Lesbian MILF Love Bondage
I was still in my cocktail dress from the party, but Angella was quick to get nude! She had me tied on the chaise at the mansion high on the hills overlooking southern California. My arms were pinned behind my back. My breasts tied and presented for all to see and my legs were spread revealing my neatly trimmed pussy...Just the way Agnella likes it. The view of the valley paled in comparison to the sight of the gorgeous, toned, naked MILF walking in and about to take me to the moon. Agnella kneels between my spread legs and starts with deep, tongue filled kisses.  He ands grab at my chest. She has tits that are of the "rare, exquisite miniatures" variety and she always takes delight in playing with my big boobs. Her hands and tongue feel wonderful on them. Then her hands move to my crotch.  her middle finger dances on my clit, as she gags me with her tongue. She slides her body down between my legs with her face between my thighs. I am so wet knowing what comes next. Even though I'm expecting it, I  twitch with surprise when her tongue enters me. She starts to lick and eat me with abandon. I'm overcome with orgasms as her tongue darts in and out and the tip of her nose tickles my clit. I cant help but squirm as I cum over and over. I' am moaning with unbridled pleasure and cant imagine how this could feel any better.  Angella knows a way.  She stops for a moment and returns with amy big, black, 2.75" ballagag.  She buckles it in place and begins the entire experience over again. OOOH, she knows me too well!!


1398 - Sandra Silvers & Constance
32:28 video

March 20, 2014
Sister's Self Bondage. Swimsuits, Handcuffs, Rope & Vibrators!
A Custom Video!
Older-sister Sandra and her little sister, Constance spend the morning playing with rope and handcuffs! They first fill their mouths with bandannas and seal it in tightly with microfoam tape.  Then the tight crotchropes! Rope around their ankle sand knees keep them from getting too far away, and then the handcuffs. Now they are free to struggle and squirm around the floor all they like. Then wise older sister Sandra reveals a surprise. matching Hitachi wands hidden under the sofa!  Are they still "forced" orgasms when you are both voluntarily bound and giving them to each other? :-)


1397 - Chrissy Daniels
8:14 video

March 19, 2014
Chrissy herself produced this hot pajama-bondage video over at www.ChrissyDaniels.com. It's so hot she wanted to share it with all of my members as well.  Chrissy writes, "I'm bound and gagged in my pajamas in the closet. I mmph and whimper through my gag and plead with my captor to release me. Eventually, my captor leaves in the closet on my own... "


1396 - Sandra Silvers, Pepper Sterling & Fayth on Fire
7 photos; 13:06 video

March 14, 2014
Lady Boss Forces her Secretaries to Orgasm
Sponge Mouthstuffed and Tape Gagged on Screen

Each was a new secretary at Fayth's company. They thought the dress code was a little weird, but not terribly so. Tight long-sleeve turtleneck sweaters, short skirts and pantyhose.  High heels. But the leather waist cinchers?  That was a little weird. But then came the discipline policy! They were late just once and had a choice. Punishment or firing.   They needed the job sop they chose punishment. So now Pepper and Sandra have been taken to the warehouse.  Standing together tied side-by-side, they are stretched between the walls. Cloth gags keep them quiet while they await their fate. Boss Fayth wheels in a stainless steel table with her implements of punishment on it.  She replaces the girls comfortable cloth gags with cruel mouth-filling sponges and lots of electrical tape wrapped round and round their heads.  Then come the Hitachi's. Between rounds of strict spanking, Fayth wrings every last orgasm out of her employees. Maybe this will tech them to come in on time. Knowing Sandra & Pepper, it'll just make them be late more often...


1395 - Jasmine & Sandra Silvers
8 photos; 8:58 video

March 13, 2014
Jasmine's First Bound Orgasm!
Simple, yet effective. Jasmine lies in bed. A girdle, garters and stockings holds her form as silk scarves hold her still.  Another in her mouth keeps her quiet. She has been thinking about his day forever and cant believe it's finally here. Her MILFy friend, Sandra, enters with a pretty pink vibrator wand.  Jasmine sqirms from the rush of pleasure flowing through her. Gentle kisses on her tiny nipples and deep kisses keep her coming, over and over...

Like what we're wearing? Get your own at GirdleBound.com !


1394 - Whitney Morgan & Tomiko
12:32 video

March 12, 2014
Heiress and Maid Power-Struggle
A spcial treat from www.MissWhitneyMorgan.com
Whitney is a stuck up, selfish, money grubbing Heiress - nothing is good enough for her. Her Maid - Tomiko - has just about had enough, tired of taking Whitney's stiff upper hand. Tomiko brings Whitney her lunch, unsatisfied with it - Whitney puts her cigarette out in it. This is the final straw. Tomiko snaps, grabbing Whitney, pulling her hair, throwing her on the ground. The two roll around, struggling for control, catfighting, pulling hair, hand over mouth, pinning one another down, wrestling in a hot sweaty mess of hair, heels, and stockings. Eventually leading to Tomiko over coming Whitney, tying her up, gagging her. Tomiko ties Whitney face down, ass up - perfect for a little slap, spank, and tickle! Whitney screams out "YOU'RE FIRED!" through her cleave gag.. "Consider this my resignation!!" Tomiko hollers back. Tomiko leaves Whitney to struggle and throw a temper tantrum.. off to steal the lady's valuables and start a new life!


1393 - Sandra Silvers
16 photos; 13:53 video

March 7, 2014
Tight Breast Bondage & Cruelly Gagged!
He knew her rich husband was away on a business trip so the burglar was in no rush and he took his time... He drags the housewife into the garage. Her silk blouse pulled apart in the front revealing her huge, tightly tied tits. Her ams and elbows are pinned behind her back with punishing ropes and a persistent crotch rope splits her tight skirt, digging into her down below. Hobbled at the knees she stumbles as he brings her in.  She get a sigh of relief as he pushes her up against a pole, but the relief is dispelled quickly when he uses a long zip-tie to cleave her mouth and pin her head to the pole.  she mumbles and drools through the plastic, but all she gets for her reward is duct tape.  A lot of duct tape. Around her mouth, then around the pole. Then again.  And again.  Over her eyes, then around the pole. Then again.  And again. She cant move her head at all, let alone hope of ever getting away.  But that doesn't stop the man from tying her ankles to the pole.  She can only twitch and struggle as he starts to load her art collection into her car, then drives off with her car.   Alone, in her darkness she thinks to herself, "Excellent. The insurance company will definitely pay out for this one..."


1392 - Sandra Silvers & Sirena Scott
9 photos; 10:55 video

March 6, 2014
Boobs Out Mummification and Foot Tickle Torture for Sirena!
Sirena has been raiding Sandra's closet. AGAIN! This time, Sandra has has enough of it.  She decides to teach her roommate a lesson that wont soon be forgotten.  Sirena is mummified and laid out on the chaise. Sandra's deft fingers and vicious fingernails attack Sirena's bare soles...non-stop for 10 minutes. Sirena squirms and screams and laughs and ther is nothing she can do to stop it.  Despite the torture, Sirena just gets sassier and that forces sandra to be even more brutal in her tickle attack!


1391 - Gina
2:51 video

March 5, 2014
My firends over at www.LoveBondagettes.com thought you might like to see the very sexy Gina hogtied on the bed. mmmm, look at those pantyhhosed legs!!


1390 - Sandra Silvers
18 photos; 17:10 video

February 28, 2014
Housewife Hostage in the Abandoned House
Uncut Vintage tying and gagging, 1950s style
A Custom Video!
The house house on the corner was always an eyesore. The roof had been leaking for years, the plaster was falling off the walls and it had become a general safety nuisance.  Sandra's husband just got laid off from his job and snapped!  He cooked up a plan to cash in on a life insurance policy on his wife and eliminate the dilapidated house at one time...   We pick up the scene as Sandra is carried over-the shoulder into the house.  A bandanna cleaved between her teeth is barely keeping her quiet. her ankles and wrists are tied. He already had a folding chair in the ramshackle kitchen waiting for her.  He unceremoniously dumps her in to the chair and begins to tightly tie her to the chair 1950s style. Cotton rope,  long, fraying ends, tight but inelegant wraps around her body, above and below her tits, cinches all over her pinning her to the chair, and all on screen.  For old-time's sake, he tears open her dresss to get a look at her huge boobs one last time. Her bandanna is removed and stuffed back in her mouth and then topped with clear packaging tape wrapped around and around her head, again, all on screen.  She thought he was just leaving her there when he left the room, but she soon realizes his dastardly plan.  He returns with a device made from red rods some wires and an alarm clock!  he tucks it under the ropes and between her thighs.  Her struggles are dynamite as she finally realizes what he is up to. ;-)


1389 - Sandra Silvers & Constance
5 photos; 5:21 video

February 27, 2014
1950s Vintage Bondage Week, Part II
Mad Women - Office Intrigue
A Custom Video!
Sandra & Constance are not only roommates in NYC, they also each work as a secretary at the big Madison Avenue advertising firm Sterling, Roper & Associates ;-)  But what Constance doesn't know, and Sandra does, is that the office manager is resigning and that will open up a position that could be a promotion for any of the girls in the secretarial pool.   Before work Sandra convinces Constance to play a little tie up game with her and ties Constance up with torn sheets, then leaves her there to struggle dressed in nothing but her girdle and stockings as Sandra gets ready for work.  Constance, realizing she is going to be late, starts to protest loudly to be let loose, but that only earns her a cleave and over-the-mouth gag while Sandra calls the office on the rotary phone and explains to the boss that Constance just cant make it in today but that Sandra would be happy to pick up the slack for her shiftless coworker.  Constance struggles furiously for escape as Sandra heads to the office.  Can she free herself and head Sandra off at the pass?

Get your own vintage shapewear at GirdleBound.com


1388 - Slyyy
7:20 video

February 26, 2014
Did you know Slyyy had her own site now?  She sent along this video of her fun struggles for you to enjoy!  She writes, "Here I'm a teacher that has been taken captive by one of my student's parents. A little rough bondage treatment for me. Watch my body writhe in the tight ropes, squirming and struggling to get free while whimpering through my gag. Don't you wish your teacher was this hot?" For more of Slyyy, check out her fun site www.SexySlyyy.com!


1387 - Sandra Silvers
32 photos; 13:19 video

February 21, 2014
Snatched from Vegas, Stashed in the Desert!
On-Screen Tying & Gagging!

She was exactly what the buyer wanted. The buyer had seen this Buxom, curvy MILF, on the arms of high rollers in the casinos.  The buyer wanted to make the transaction far from the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. He arranged for this thug to procure her.  So, after he nabbed her, the thug drove her out into the desert.  Gagged with a bandanna and with tight ropes crushing her elbows together, forcing her already huge tits out even further, he drag her to a rock miles from anywhere and anyone.  He forces her to her knees and adds more rope to completely immobilize her.  The tight ropes cut into her, pulling her into a punishing hogtie! Her cleave gag is removed just long enough just long enough to be stuffed deep into her mouth, muffling her cries for help.  White vet wrap is then wrapped around her head and mouth to seal it in.  In final preparation of the buyer's arrival, her cocktail dress is torn open to revel her huge boobs.  The thug takes a few photos with his camera phone to let the buyer know that the item is ready for pickup and leaves poor Sandra to struggle. Hogtied and gagged in the middle of the desert, she can only try to escape before the buyer arrives...


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